Sid :- 23.05.07 to 14.02.17



I never really understood the grief people felt over the loss of their Dog…until yesterday when we had to let our lad Sid go. Now I understand.


It seems the bad neck he had been suffering with for a few weeks was an inoperable tumour spread from his leg into his spine. He was in pain, but like a true terrier, he barely raised a whimper.


The house is empty now but he is everywhere, I hear the rat-a-tat of his feet on the wood floor as he raced to the door to convert a visitor into a friend, I see the ‘nest’ he made in his bean bag, curled up in a ball of snoring comfort.


He was a gregarious dog, a regular at my sons football matches, loving the attention and building a fan club, but scared to death of the ball due to the number of times he had been caught in crossfire in the back garden. Nobody could resist his charms.


Obedient, and disobedient in equal measure; a bundle of love with a toothy grin, and sometimes a big sulk if he felt slighted, but always full of character and what a joy to have around.


Unconsciously I left my ‘Sid tax’ on my plate last night, the last corner of my biscuit. It was still there this morning, I’m a big bloke but I wept like a baby.


He belonged to our family, but he was my first dog. The way I feel now he will be my one and only.


You are free from pain now mate, I hope mine will fade in time. Be patient, I’ll be with you soon enough.



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