Sunny September



September is usually a great month for the Barbel angler. This year we have had generally fine weather and the usual rain we love for the sake of our fishing, has been largely absent. Bright sunny weather and low clear rivers don’t make for easy fishing, however I did manage a few decent fish.

02/09/16 Upper Trent

Not much to report on reflection from this session. Did an overnighter on the upper Trent to try to improve on last week after my mate Kris battered me on the next peg. Had the river to myself, but it was a metre down and just didn’t feel right, sort of stale if you get me, and so it proved. However I did get several small chub and 8oz roach that set my bite alarms off each time and had me leaping out of my bed-chair like a scalded cat all through the night. It was very frustrating and I was glad to pack up in the morning to be honest. Straight to the Salt Box Café for some much needed TLC.

Lessons learned, pick better conditions, I had been warned it didn’t fish well in low water, but didn’t listen. From getting home it rained continuously for all of Saturday so might have been worth it Sunday/Monday.

I started fishing a few more overnighters this season, since acquiring a bivvie and bedchair to fish the charity fish-in on the Trent, organised by Lee Swords to raise money for a lad called Iwan who was suffering with cancer and needed treatment in the USA. It was a disaster fishing wise but a damn good cause, and passed in an alchoholic haze. The jury is out as to whether this type of overnight fishing is for me!

09.09.16 Ribble

Fished the Ribble Friday, lunch till 11pm, far more civilised than the recent overnighters which I have found to be physically knackering. Unfortunately it chucked it down the whole session and blew a hoolie, but the Fox Specialist brolley stood the test, despite being set up on the gravel beach so no proper pegging possible, growing to like it despite its bulk and weight. A guy set up downstream from me and fished under a small golf brolley…tough cookie!!

I got onto my favourite area on the inside of a big bend, there is a pronounced gulley along the far bank under overhanging trees, so a 35-40m chuck. It was an ok session producing 3 barbs 4-6lb (and lost one) and 9 chub to 4lb8oz, all came to boilie. Feeder rod fished upstream had very little action but the straight lead slightly downstream was lively. Tried out some new boilies and they seemed to be ok, but didn’t deter the chub that always seem to dominate at the moment. Certainly not complaining as I like to see my rod go over!! I came to the conclusion that the barbs were shying off the feeder despite using a 5ft hooklink, I had been fishing 2 straight lead rigs before, but seeing a lad out catch me using big 4oz feeders recently, I thought I’d give it another try. I will be back on the straight leads again next time!


16.09.16 Ribble

Another session on the Ribble which has been very reliable recently. Provided it’s not completely low and clear and bright sunshine I am quite confident I can catch a barbel or chub during daylight. Unfortunately it was down to its bare bones, clear as tap water and a bright day. I wasn’t put off though and patiently waited for dusk, when things started to liven up when 4 nice chub, all over 4lb, kept it interesting.

Then as night fell the rod hooped over and I was attached to a good fish that put up a right old scrap. I think I was quite lucky to have got it in as it snagged me solid in what felt like weed, so a slack line and patience was applied and fortunately a minute later it freed itself. Once again boilie was the bait, pellets seem to be less effective this season. The fish weighed in at a satisfactory 9lb13oz, less satisfactory was the self take photo which was over-exposed. I got some good facebook advice and my photos since have been much better. The 2 below are the same fish, hopefully when/if I catch a double I will have a better idea what to do to get a good shot!


23-27.09.16 Severn Heaven

A week off work and off I trot to the middle Severn for a few days. I have loved this river for as long as I can remember, and make regular trips. I just wish I lived a bit nearer than a 200 mile round trip, for me that means stopping over and I have found a couple of cheap and very decent B&B’s in Bridgnorth, a town that has everything a fisherman would need and more besides.

I have a Birmingham Anglers card so generally fish their waters around the town, interspersed with trips further afield to fish Prince Albert waters that are far less busy and where I am usually the only angler for miles.

Over the 5 days I fished 3 B.A. and 2 P.A. venues and had excellent fishing Sunday, Monday and the Thursday, but the Tuesday/Wednesday were decidedly average. Not sure why this should be, but talking  to other anglers it appears it was the same for most. The popular belief is dam water released from the Welsh reservoirs kills the fishing but nobody seems to have any proof.

The river was carrying a few inches of extra water, and more fell on Monday, so there was good colour all week, and water temps were as expected for this time of year.

32 Barbel over 5 days is a very decent return, however there were no large fish, but I didn’t feel short-changed, far from it. B.A. don’t allow night fishing so I was off just after dark most days, which gave me a chance to sample some of the local hospitality, which is reliably excellent. I was a very happy and replete angler on my return home.

Sunday 23.09.16- 8lb2oz, 9lb3oz and 7lb8oz plus 2 others around 5-6lb, Hinders ellipse pellets on the feeder, one on boilie on straight lead.



Monday 24.09.16- 8 barbel biggest 7lb8oz, long chuck feeder, boilie


Tuesday 25.09.16-  5 barbel 4-5lb

Wednesday 26.09.16- 4 barbel 4-6lb

Thursday 27.09.16- 4 splashers from a shallow run on pellet, then moved to deeper peg. Better fish there, 7 barbel 7lb4oz to 8lb1oz, all on large chunks of flavoured spam.


So all in all September has been a pretty good month and the Ribble and Severn were kind to me. Next month I am attending a Barbel Society fish-in at Pixham on the lower Severn, to be honest its a bit of an unknown to me as I don’t usually stray below Bewdley, so looking forward to that and meeting lots of excellent barbel anglers who’s brains I shall attempt to pick! October can be a superb month for barbel as the autumn really kicks in…exciting times ahead!

Tight lines




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