Why a Blog


I have never done a blog before, and I use computers for work, not for fun, so there are going to be some hurdles to clear I’m sure. Please forgive my blunders.

If you are not an angler this site may be one long bore, but I hope to post some nice photo’s that might capture the spirit of being out in the countryside with mother nature for company, so there may be something for you in that respect.

I would love to be able to communicate the essence of the joy I get from angling, the moments of total solitude in countryside not accessed by many, the unmistakable peep and turquoise flash of a busy kingfisher, leaping fish so sudden and unexpected your heart races. All these things and a myriad more combine to give an almost Zen-like experience, total dislocation from the pressures of everyday life.

Counterpoint to the solitary experience is the chance encounter in the middle of nowhere with a fellow angler, an instant bond forged by common pursuit of an elusive quarry. I have had many impromptu meetings with talented anglers who I now count as friends.

So the aim of this blog? Well, to try to paint a picture of the joy of angling, maybe to give a few bits of information that might help a fellow angler, nothing grand, just somewhere to record my angling adventures, warts and all.





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